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Dental lab equipment shopping made easy.

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Free up cash and sell the equipment that is not making you money! The American Dental Manufacturers Association (A.D.M.A) estimates all 14,000 labs across North America has between $18,000 and $75,000 of cash tied up in good used benches, vacuum systems, equipment Empress, Captec, Jelenko ovens, and sundries: new bottles of porcelain, pressing units, pressing ingots, tools, vacuums, you name it!

It is now simple and easy to bu, sell or swap anything you need through our dental lab equipment buy and sell page – Whether it’s buying, selling or trading new or used equipment, Dental Career Services is fastest and most cost effective way of meeting your buying, selling and trading needs. Get posted on our website, E-bay, Kijiji and Craigslist all at once! Learn more.

WantedWanted Equipment
To Buy: Primotec Phaser EC1 Pulsed Microwelder
Listed: 2014-11-28 by Darrel Fraser
Laserfix Dental Lab Located in: St. Albert Alberta Canada
  • Replacement cost $7500.00
  • Like New

This machine is great for dental lab uses, but we have moved on to laser welders and no longer need this spare machine.

Phone: 780-460-2943

To Buy: Group 1
Listed: 2014-11-12 by Gary Daborno
Crown & Bridge Lab Located in: NB E1B 3L4, Canada

    30 bottle E-max Porcelain, opened and unopened
    9 bottles Classic Porcelain, unopened
    Classic stains and shades, all vita
    Empress Universal stains and shades, all Vita
    Empress aesthetic veneer kit
    Burrs and polishers unopened
    Numerous other sundries including Bunsen burners, lab pans, waxes, hinged articulators, stent material, g-mask, crown boxes and much more.
    Bundle price $3,500.00

    Phone: (506) 386-4277 or (506) 387-4317. Ask for Gary

    To Buy: Like New Dental Lab Equipment
    Listed: 2013-08-09 by Dale Banks
    Closed Dental lab Located in: 4445 Mecum Rd. Walkertown, NC 27051
    • Sterngold Micro Suction Unit
    • Whip Mix Pro Porcelain Oven
    • Twin Head Sil Air & more valuable items!

    Sterngold Micro Suction Unit 2102250
    Asking 750.00

    Whip Mix Pro 100 Porcelain Furnace S/N 12041112932
    Whip Mix Pro 100 Porcelain Furnace S/N 12041112932 (Jelrus Vacuum Pump Included)
    Barely used. Will offer warranty
    Asking 1800.00

    Twin Head
    Sil-Air 100-24-A
    Asking 750.00 Recently serviced. Will provide

    Super-Dent Solid State Ultra Sonic Cleaner Z-7
    Asking 75.00

    (2) Heavy Duty Lab Bench lights with (2) 17 in. long florescent tube in each.
    Asking 50.00 for each light.

    Tons of used plain line articulators
    750 or more brand new blue/ clear C&B boxes 1 3/4 by 2/14 still in box.
    Asking 75.00

    Jelrus Vacuum Pump model 7115 (barely used)
    S/N 139
    Asking 100.00

    NOTE from the Website Owners: Logistics of shipping and protection of both buyer and seller funds can be handled effectively through our office for a nominal administration fee.
    Please email of phone for details.
    Thank you for your trust and business
    Reg Goulding
    President CEO
    DCS Smile Science Inc.
    1 800 874 4133

    Phone: 1-336-754-4277

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    Dental lab equipment for sale | Looking to buy or sell a Dental Lab?
    To Sell: OPTIMET Nobel Biocare NobelProcera Optical Scanner CAD / CAM + Dell Laptop
    Listed: 2014-04-03 by Ruth Bourke
    RE Bourke, LLC Located in: Redmond

      This listing is for a rarely used NobelProcera Optical Scanner in excellent, like new, condition. A Dell laptop with the NobelProcera software is included with the scanner.

      From the Nobel Biocare website:
      The NobelProcera Scanner features a unique technology known as `conoscopic holography.` This patented solution offers you the highest level of scanning precision Ė especially important for implant cases and advanced multiple-unit cases. Conoscopic holography even allows the precise capture of steep angles and deep cavities.

      Using the NobelProcera System, everything from a single coping to a full-arch implant case can be scanned and designed within your laboratory.

      NobelProcera is an integrated system in which the scanning, design and manufacturing processes are seamlessly linked, supported by software designed specifically to optimize the scanner workflow.

      For additional information please visit and go to the NobelProcera CAD/CAM section under Products & Solutions.

      Phone: 425-881-2553

      To Sell: NEW Simple FAST & Cost effective Used Equipment Sales.
      Listed: 2013-06-26 by Reg Goulding
      DCS Located in: USA & Canada
      • Buy or Sell Postings for anything Dental Lab related.

      Email your list of equipment. Or phone for more information.

      The pictures of your equipment will show like the ones of my Grandson below.
      Have a great day.

      Phone: 1-800-874-4133 Direct Line 905 991 0684

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