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Canadian Immigration Services
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Canada Immigration Fee structures, Payment Plans & Terms

Why use SmileScience/ Immigration Services?

There are several benefits to both the Employer and the Job Seeker besides the obvious:

A) Our team specializes in Canadian Immigration which gives you the fastest and highest opportunity for success. We know the systems and procedures and can protect the employee and employer from wasting a great deal of time and money if or when a Jobseeker or Employer will not/does not meet the requirements of the Canadian
Federal and Regional Governing Bodies.

B) With your timely co- operation we will complete the process in the shortest time line possible when working with Government Officials and numerous Government Departments.

C) When an Employer and/or Job Seeker give our legal team authorization through a letter of Power of Attorney (PA) to represent them and work on their behalf, we can, at a later date represent each party if or when the time comes for this candidate to advance their career or make a change in geographical locations for personal reasons.

Renewal Time:
Renewal, extension, or applying for permanent resident status or Citizenship status should be planned and acted upon in a timely manner.

Note: This process should begin no less than 5 months before expiry date. Mark your calendar now, so not to miss this important date. It is your responsibility to keep your documents in order. You can request our office contact you 5 months before your expiry date to assist in this matter. Once you have a working permit, having it renewed or extended has a very high rate of success.

D) We have cost effective, competitive rates and are #1 in servicing international candidates and employers of the Dental Industry.

Who Pays the Professional Service fee and related Government fees?
A) Generally speaking, the Job Seeker is responsible and pays our fee.

B) Often the Employer may split the fee 50/50%, however this is usually after the immigration process is complete.

C) There is no specific "Right Way" General Rule to follow. We recommend that each party protect their own financial and personal interests. Each party should have invested interest in the process to ensure full co- operation in support of the obvious life changing commitment on the part of the Job Seeker and financial risk of our client (the employer).

D) The Job Seeker is legally responsible to pay the government filing fees.

Payment Options:
Currently we accept payment by Visa and Master Card. Our website has a Secure Payment System in place if you wish to pay on line. You can also pay by: Certified Cheque, Money Order, or Bank Draft. For details email: contact us
Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.

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