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Frequently Asked Questions

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● Dental technology Jobs
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How do I find Dental Technician Jobs in my area? 

There are many ways to find dental technician jobs in the dental technology industry in your specific area.  Using our website tools to search out dental tech jobs where you can respond directly to the dental lab employers in areas of your choice.  Employers can use specific dental terms ie: crown and bridge, ceramist, cad cam etc. to search out the specific dental techs that they are looking for.

Approximately how many dental technician resumes or dental lab managers are currently available in your database? 

We have over 6500 dental professionals in our database, over 3000 dental technicians specifically.  We also have numerous resumes of dental lab managers and high end professionals that are not in our database and only use our dental recruiting services.

If the dental laboratory employer pays for relocating costs am I, the dental technologist, responsible to sign a contract?

Of course the dental lab is going to ensure you sign a contract, at the very least to cover their investment in you!  Put yourself in the dental lab owner’s shoes.

How do the Dental Recruiting Services work?

Please contact our Director of Dental Recruiters Loretta Burns  Dental Recruiting is a service where the dental lab owner only pays a placement fee when a successful candidate or dental technician is hired.  We offer a flat fee or a percentage fee based upon the dental technicians salary.  There is a 3 month guarantee for all clients.  Upon the dental recruiter receiving the details and specs of the position they will search out only the most qualified Dental Techs.  Referrals, networking and email blasts are some of the sourcing of finding candidates and qualified dental technologists. The recruiter will screen, interview and check references.  Your fee pays for a successful hire, but there is much time spent in the screening process.

The dental laboratory you are considering buying; do the dental office client’s needs and requirements match your current dental office client base?

If they do dental implants, cosmetic dental work, crown and bridge restorations, orthodontic appliances, dentures or partial denture restorations; all can add to your business. You simply need to know how to integrate the volume to compliment your business. Planning the marketing strategy properly can create a 10 to 30% increase in volume from your existing client base if it is a totally new line of dental lab procedures you will be offering.

Does the pricing structure of the new dental laboratory match your current pricing structure?

If they do dental implants, cosmetic dental restorations, crown and bridge restorations, orthodontic appliances or dentures benefits can be created to open a new segment of dental office business but beware you do not cannibalize your existing business that will negatively impact your gross profit of an existing department. You need to know how to integrate the volume to compliment your business.  Planning the marketing strategy properly can create a 10 to 20% increase in volume from your existing client base if it is a totally new product line you will be offering. It is all in the way you handle the marketing and press releases. Simple stuff just needs to be done.

What is the age (year of graduation) of the dentists this new dental laboratory services? What dental school did they graduate from?

Dental office, dentist associates; what percentage of business is coming from them? What year and dental school did they graduate from? All important information to maximize your success of the dental lab purchase. When buying a dental lab, few lab owners look beyond the surface information, usually all to do with type of dental lab work, dental lab quality and price of the dental appliances to determine if and how viable the purchase may be. Drilling down to determine the experience of the dental technicians, what dental technical school and continuing dental laboratory procedures or education courses for dental technicians by leading dental manufacturers and procedures they have taken can lead you to excellent dental technicians as well as Dental lab managers or dental lab partners.

There is a great deal of security as well as increased profitability for you as a dental lab owner and your partners in purchasing a dental lab or merging with other dental laboratories. There are three common factors that hold most dental lab owners back from successfully evolving to this level of business intelligence.  1) A self centered ego that shouts: “I’m the only one to create the quality of restoration acceptable to my clients”. 2) An ego driven attitude projecting: “It will not work because I know as a dental tech and lab owner, my years of experience proves it”. 3) They simply will not, therefore cannot begin to invest the time to study and learn the new skills of business intelligence that will unlock this whole new future of freedom, lifestyle and prosperity.  All three are attitude issues often based on a combination deeply rooted fear of change, lack of flexibility due to a need to be right and hardening of the attitudes.   Many business owners including lab owners with this challenges cannot even see them and that they themselves are the single biggest obstacle in a prosperous transition and session plan they deserve. I will share 5 top questions when selling a Dental laboratory business next.

How much does it cost to photos of dental technicians work and how does this process work?

You can post up to 6 photos of your dental technician work for FREE.  Simply attach 6 photos of your dental work to an email in .jpg format – which we will post onto your registration for you.

How does this site work to assist dental tech job seekers?

Our site is very user friendly, but our website will not do all the work for you, you must proactively use our service to get the maximum benefit from using our services.  Visit our dental career website frequently, review the new dental tech job postings and contact the dental lab owners directly through their job postings.  We offer you the tools to help you find the career in dental technology that you have been looking for.

How do Dental Lab owners use this service?

When Dental Laboratory owners log in they are given two main options: “Click here to create job posting” and “Search Candidate Database”  The first option is where your dental tech job postings are made, once one is completed it will allow you to continue postings them until all your dental lab postings are completed.  That being said they don’t need to all be created at once you can create more anytime you login.

The second option  “Search Candidate Database”  - you put in a key word to be searched either discipline or destination.  For dental term searches like: ceramist, cad cam etc.. or for Destination ie: New York, California etc.

And results from your search will provide you with a list of the dental tech’s available in our database whom match your search criteria.  We currently do not have a sub search option available but the feature will be coming soon.


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