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Superior Office Solution

To get the best results you need to be proactive:
  • Post job opportunities several ways
  • Update the jobs postings at least bi monthly; so your jobs bounce back to the top of the "Jobs Posted by Date" list
  • Sign-into the database- Search, Contact, Follow-up, and Interview and ask for referrals of potential candidates and new candidates signing on daily.

We know you have many other important things to do and that you should do what you do best and most valuable to make money, talk to customers or manage your staff.

I am highly efficient at doing the above to maximize your results while saving you time. SOS: Superior Office Solutions is an upgraded service where I or a fellow representative does all of the above for you. In other words, we will be supporting you as your private (HR) Human Resource Department. The cost of this personalized service is $65 a month for it should not take me more than an hour each month to help you hire someone in the short amount of time.
Some of the benefits of our SOS: Superior Office Solutions services that will save you time and maximize your results.

  1. Keep your job postings updated bi weekly
  2. Manage the database in order to provide you more accurate leads
  3. Search, filter and retrieve information about potential candidates
  4. Follow up with candidates whom you are interested in to get a detailed resume.
  5. Schedule appointment for you to interview candidates
  6. Provide you a list of questions to ask the candidate that are information revealing and legal
  7. Background checks are important. Often past employers will share more information with us than with another lab owner.

Contact Us for more information or to sign up for our SOS Services today!
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